In order to choose and make most suitable machine for customers, we have to know basic information to make and plan and quote. 

I. Brief questionnaire for dryer series

1. material name  _________
2. material initial moisture content _________
3. expected final moisture level ____________
4. drying temperature/ Max. temperature material can bear ___________
5 . heating source, steam, electricity or natural gas ____________  
6.  local voltage and frequency ______________  

II. Brief questionnaire for grinder series

1. material name and feed size ________
2. Expected discharge size___________
3. process ______ kg per hour

III. Brief questionnaire for mixer series

1. material name and proportion __________
2. material size distribution ____________
3. material moisture content__________
4. material liquidity: good, average or not good?________
5.  process _______ kg per batch or per day
6. material feeding method, manual feed, vacuum feed, elevator feed, silo feed? ______
7. do you add liquid when mixing __________

IV. Brief questionnaire for granulator series

1. material name and proportion__________
2. raw material/ powder size ___________
3. material viscidity, good, average or bad  _______
4. granulating method, 
roll suppression of tablets, boiling dry granulation, spray dry granulation, rotation granulation,  

Swing granulation, screw extrusion granulation _______________
5. finish product size and shape _________
6. do you add water or adhesive during granulation process ______
7. how many kg per hour _______
8. continuous or batch by batch ______