Russia XSG-6 flash dryer in production

XSG-6 spin flash dryer details:

1. main drying tower

Inlet air temperature 250℃, air density 0.674kg/m3

The volume flow of the air entering the drying tower is 3100m3/h. According to experience, the wind speed of the empty tower is 3m/s, and the diameter of the main tower is 0.6m, so the model of the flash dryer is: XSG-6.

Equipped with stirring motor 7.5Kw, main engine cooling oil circulating pump power 0.37Kw

2. cyclone drying tower

The processing air volume is 2600m3/h, and the wind speed of the empty tower is 3m/s, then the diameter of the cyclone dryer is 0.55m, so the model of the cyclone drying tower is: XL-550.

3. Cyclone separator

The processing air volume is 2600m3/h, and one CLK type diffusing cyclone is used. The inlet air speed is 14m/s, and the diameter of the cyclone separator is 0.45m, so the model of the cyclone separator is: CLK-450.

Discharge with 1 closed fan 2.8L/0.75Kw

4. Bag filter

The processing air volume is 2600m3/h, and the bag filter adopts the structure of compressed air pulse cleaning; the specification of the bag is φ120×2000mm, the filtering air speed entering the bag is 0.6m/min, the filter area of each bag is 0.75, and the air volume is If it is 27m3/h, the filter area of the bag needs to be enlarged to 90m2, and the number of bags required is 120, so the model of the bag filter is: MC-120 square.

Discharge with 1 off fan 2.8L/0.75Kw

5. Selection of fan

Induced fan model: 9-19-5.6A, 2900rpm, 18.5KW

Air volume: 3996-4500m3/h

Standard wind pressure: 7182-7109Pa

High temperature blower model: 9-26-4.5C, 2900rpm, 7.5KW

Air volume: 3130-3685m3/h

Standard wind pressure: 4910-4776Pa

6. Ribbon presser + screw feeder

The feeding amount is 350kg/h;

Ribbon presser specifications: upper port φ1000, lower port φ200, height 700,

Specification of screw feeder: φ133, rotating speed 35r/min, power 2.2Kw (frequency conversion).

7. Selection of direct-fired gas hot blast stove

Model: RQL-20

Heat output: 120,000-170,000 kcal/hour

Matching burner combustion heat: 250,000 kcal/hour, burner power: 0.25Kw

Seven, technical parameters:

1. Equipment name: spin flash dryer

2. Equipment model: XSG-6

3. Inlet air temperature: 250℃

4. Air outlet temperature: 90°C (adjusted appropriately according to the final moisture content)

5. Material: feeding volume 350Kg/h (frequency conversion control), discharging volume 247Kg/h

6. Natural gas consumption: ~16-18Nm3/h

7. The bag filter needs to be equipped with an air compressor, which should be prepared by the user. Compressed air volume: ~50Nm3/h, rated exhaust pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

8. Installed power: ~37.2kw

9. The height of the host: 6.5m

10. Area: about 30


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