vacuum tray dryer

Working principle of YZG/FZG series vacuum dryer


   The so-called vacuum drying is to heat and dry the dried materials under vacuum conditions. If a vacuum pump is used to extract air and moisture, the drying speed will be accelerated.

  Note: If a condenser is used. The solvent in the material can be recovered through the condenser. If the solvent is water, the condenser can be omitted, saving energy investment.



   YZG/FZG series vacuum dryer performance characteristics

  The boiling point of the material solution under vacuum decreases. Increase the heat transfer driving force of the evaporator. Therefore, the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved for a certain amount of heat transfer.

  The heat source for evaporation operation can be low pressure steam or waste heat steam.

  The evaporator has less heat loss.

  It can be disinfected before drying, and there is no impurities in the drying process, which meets the requirements of GMP.

  YZG/FZG series vacuum dryers are static vacuum dryers. Therefore, the shape of the dried material will not be damaged.


  YZG/FZG series vacuum dryer adapts to materials

YZG/FZG series vacuum dryers are suitable for low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials that are easy to decompose, polymerize and deteriorate at high temperatures; they are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and electronic industries. Technical specifications Note: water ring vacuum pumps and mechanical increase Pressure coupling to increase the degree of vacuum.


   YZG/FZG series vacuum dryer ordering instructions

  When placing an order, please select a suitable vacuum dryer according to factors such as the initial moisture content and final moisture content of the material to be dried, temperature, vacuum degree, drying capacity, and drying time. The vacuum dryer of the same model has four heating methods: steam, hot water, heat transfer oil, electric heating. For example, in order to increase the drying capacity, the number of drying racks can be appropriately increased. Please submit it to our factory in time.

  The accessories in the vacuum drying system mentioned in the instruction manual can be provided and installed by our factory for users. Please specify when ordering.

  The company can provide design, manufacture and installation for the special requirements in the vacuum drying system proposed by the user.

  The equipment of our company implements three quality guarantees for users. All accessories are provided for a long time, please rest assured.

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