Two-dimensional mixer

Two-dimensional mixer, the full name of two-dimensional motion mixer, as the name implies, refers to a mixer in which the rotating drum can move in two directions at the same time. The two movement directions are the rotation of the rotating drum, and the rotating drum swings with the swing frame. The material to be mixed in the drum rotates, flips, and mixes with the drum. At the same time, the mixing movement occurs from left to right and back and forth with the swing of the drum. Under the combined action of these two movements, the material is fully obtained in a short time. Blended.


working principle

The two-dimensional mixer is composed of three parts: a rotating drum, a swinging frame, and a frame. The rotating drum is mounted on the swing frame, supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two blocking wheels. Among the four supporting rollers, two of the transmission wheels are driven by the rotating power system to make the rotating drum rotate. The swing frame is driven by a set of crank swing rod mechanism. The crank swing rod mechanism is installed on the frame. The swing frame is supported on the frame by the bearing assembly, so that the drum rotates and participates in the swing at the same time, so that the materials in the cylinder can be fully mixed




1. The second rotation adopts cycloidal pin gear reducer or worm gear reducer. Compared with the traditional mixer, there is no accumulation of material at the bottom, no pollution, convenient washing, and it truly meets the requirements of GMP.

2. When working, under the dual action of the rotating mechanism and the swinging mechanism, the material barrel is rotated while there is also a swinging movement, so that the materials in the barrel can be fully mixed.

3. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic vacuum feeding machine and interface, which is convenient for feeding and shortens the operation time. High efficiency and low cost.

4. Two-dimensional motion mixer: simple structure, low failure rate, stable operation, safe operation, no noise, easy to clean, and meets GMP requirements.

5. The volume is much smaller than the normal standard, the area is small, and the function is powerful.



It is widely used for mixing powder and granular materials. It has the characteristics of rapid mixing, large mixing volume, convenient discharging, etc.


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