double cone mixer

The double cone mixer refers to a mixing device that mixes various powders uniformly through a rotating tank. Double-cone mixer is a type of powder or granular material that is fed into a double-cone container by vacuum conveying or artificially, and it rotates with the continuous rotation of the container. The material carries out complex impact movement in the container to achieve uniform mixing of mechanical equipment.


Working principle  

The motor and reducer drive the mixing tank to rotate through gear transmission. When working, add various powders to the mixing tank. Through the rotation of the tank, the materials are repeatedly polymerized and separated by gravity and centrifugal force. To achieve uniform mixing, the mixed materials are discharged from the discharge port by their own weight


It is composed of a tank body, a driving device, a slip ring box and a supporting stand. Its structure is shown in Figure 1.

(1) Tank body.

The shape of the container made of steel plate is to set a short cylinder between two cones. The top angle of the cone is determined by the angle of repose of the mixed powder. It should be designed to be 90° or 75° to facilitate the discharge. The inlet and outlet of the tank are equipped with pneumatic valves or electric butterfly valves. For the opening and closing of loading and discharging.

(2) Drive device.

It is composed of electric motor, reducer and transmission gear. The number of revolutions of the motor is adjustable within a certain range. In order to ensure the accuracy of the tank parking position, the last revolution before parking must be decelerated, and the entire operation process can be automatically controlled.

(3) Slip ring box.

The power lines for the power distribution devices and the electrical equipment attached to the rotating tank are all input from this.

(4) Support the stand.

Metal structural frame used to support tanks and transmission devices.


Scope of application

Suitable for industries such as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, feed, fuel, electronics, etc. This machine mixes powders and granules with good fluidity, and the effect is remarkable. All technical indicators can reach the standards of similar foreign products.



Performance characteristics

1. The cylinder body is made of stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are polished and the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is convenient.

2. This machine saves energy, is easy to operate, low labor intensity, and high work efficiency [3].


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